I using DFP. I have one banner that impression set as 500,000 impressions, however the banner will sometimes show Google Adsense ads while the impression count is not reached yet.

How do I set the banner keep displaying the banner that I uploaded until the impression is finished running?

Update Question: My Deliver Impressions was set as "As Fast as possible" but sometimes it still showing other google ads.

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You want to deliver the impressions "as fast as possible" from under the "Adjust delivery", "Deliver impressions" drop down.

"As fast as possible" delivers the impressions first (before AdSense) where as evenly will intermix them and frontloaded will show mostly your banner.

Here is the Google support page about delivery speed where this is documented.

  • The deliver impressions was set to as fast as possible but problem same. Oct 3, 2015 at 3:30

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