How can I check my website's IP address? I heard about some free tools that are available on the internet but don't know anything concrete.

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There are multiple ways:

  • If you're in Firefox, open the console (F12), go to the tab [Network], click one of the resources. Then on the right there's "External IP".
  • When you use FireBug, tab [Net], it'll give you an IP right away
  • You could ping it via commandscreens. On Windows, open Startmenu, and enter ping example.com in the searchinput
  • Use an external site to let them check
  • Use a DIG to check the DNS values of the site, could be done via MXToolbox or terminals

How do you access your website? If it's by a domain name, such as www.example.com, just run a command prompt (in Windows) or Terminal (in OS X) and type nslookup www.example.com, which will tell you what IP address that domain name is mapped to.


You can check your website ip with utrace: http://www.utrace.de/?query=nokes.de

The IP can also be queried locally on the computer in command line:

$ nslookup nokes.de or $ ping nokes.de

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