I am having a home page where I can search on multiple tags. How should I construct the URL? Suppose I search for tag = test_1 and tag = test_2

Should I construct the url like







any other option?

I know query params are generally ignored by search engines and I should not put comma in URL so according to it "www.example.com/tag/test-1-test-2" is best option but I am afraid that www.example.com/tag/test-1-test-2 and www.example.com/tag/test-2-test-1 will generate the same result.

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My view would be that it doesn't matter for SEO because I'd be noindexing these pages anyway. Google doesn't want to index your search results in its search results, and it's a great way to get flagged for duplicate content.

Concentrate on SEO for the actual content pages and do whatever's best for the user experience for these kinds of category pages.

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