Am I allowed to add multiple TXT records for a single domain?

I've been asked to add a load of MS= records to domains, but some of the domains already have a TXT record.

Can I just add a new TXT record with the value or should I append it to the existing data?

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Multiple TXT DNS records are perfectly acceptable. In fact, I think one of my domains has about 6 of them. If you append it to the end of another TXT record, it is likely to stop that one performing it's correct function.


In Amazon's DNS tool, Route53, if you're trying to create multiple TXT values that share the same name, you should surround each value in quotes and separate by a carriage return.

From the Route53 docs:

A text record. Enter multiple values 
    on separate lines. Enclose text in 
    quotation marks.
    "Sample Text Entries" 
    "Enclose entries in quotation marks"

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