I wanted to see how many people were going from my company's website, CarouselApps.com to one of my products' website, Screensaver.Ninja, so in Google Analytics I created a conversion goal in CarouselApps:

enter image description here

but the report makes no sense, it's claiming that everybody that visits CarouselApps.com also visited Screensaver.Ninja, which is highly unlikely:

enter image description here

Any ideas what's going on here?

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As it's now configured, your goal is counting all visits to screensaver.ninja as a conversion. So naturally, conversions / visits = 100%

You really don't need goals at all to track visits from a traffic source. Instead, it probably makes sense to simply count the number of carouselapps.com referrals from within your Google Analytics property for screensaver.ninja.


Well, it really depends on how many people are we talking about, I'd there's one person that visited the website, he might have also visited the other and that's why is 100%

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