I have 301 permanently redirected my old domain http://oldexample.asia to my new domain http://newexample.org but my site is hosted in Wapka.mobi (free hosting service) which automatically redirects the domain to http://newexample.org/index.xhtml. I have added & verified newexample.org in Google Webmasters Tools but it says the redirected domain is not the same because of the /index.xhtml I tried verifying http://newexample.org/index.xhtml but it redirects to already verified http://newexample.org Is there any way to verify http://newexample.org/index.xhtml as well?

enter image description here

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I have found a solution,

Temporarily add both the domains in your own server and verify them again if asked. And then follow the verification process. Here is the success image:

enter image description here

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