Suppose we have an E-commerce domain with the following structure:

  1. domain/items - contains all items.
  2. domain/items/category - contains a narrower spectrum of results than above.
  3. domain/items/category/subcategory - contains a narrower spectrum of results than above.

All these URLs listing items for sell can have pagination (with query string parameter ?page=X, where X is a page number).

My question is:

In order to obtain the best results in SEO (especially Google), how they should be indexed?

It is possible to index them by:

  1. Providing "view all link" and including rel="canonical" link to "view all link" to all paginated pages.
  2. Implementing canonical rel="prev" and rel="next" links.

But each narrower category/subcategory contains same items as broader category. Would search ranking algorithm give penalty for duplicate content?

What if we have paginated domain/tag/[tag], where [tag] is a word given to item by users. Should we index those pages too or exclude them from indexing because it is already indexed in items/category or subcategory?

I will appreciate any useful information regarding this issue.

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