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How to find web hosting that meets my requirements?

I'm looking for a linux hosting provider that supports LAMP and wondering if the community could recommend one.

I was thinking about going with godaddy since their plan is only like $5 / month, but was wondering if there any others out there that are just as cheap if not cheaper


I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for". However, I have been using Dreamhost for quite some time and I am very pleased. I also hear that A Small Orange (http://www.asmallorange.com/hosting/shared/) is really decent as well.

Ultimately it depends on your traffic and the hosts network capabilities to handle that traffic. Small sites should be fine on either of those hosts.


I am not sure if they use Linux but I think do and the site is http://www.freehostingcloud.com/ and theyy have free everyting and the only limit is that if you have over 2000+ unique vistors per month you have to pay USD$10 per month.

I have been using the free version for about 12 months now and have about 4 websites all of which are just of my software for my use.


I have used www.awardspace.com out of Germany. I like them even though they had a serious problem earlier in the month.

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