According to MediaWiki's Extension:HttpsLogin:

From MediaWiki 1.17, you can redirect all users to HTTPS on login by:

setting $wgSecureLogin = true; and
setting $wgServer as protocol-relative.

However, the page does not tell me whether to set it in LocalSettings.php or DefaultSettings.php.

When I check for $wgSecureLogin:

$ sudo grep -IR "\$wgSecureLogin" /var/www/html/wiki/ | grep Settings
/var/www/html/wiki/includes/DefaultSettings.php:$wgSecureLogin = false;

I thought Wiki admins were supposed to modify LocalSettings.php, and not DefaultSettings.php. (I was hoping the search would result in LocalSettings.php).

Where should I set $wgSecureLogin? Should I modify DefaultSettings.php, or should I add a new entry in LocalSettings.php?


You should never modify DefaultSettings.php. As its name suggests, it contains defaults; when upgrading your MediaWiki installation, it will be overwritten. Just copy whatever you need to LocalSettings.php.

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