I have a Tumblr-style picture blog running on WordPress. The blog has only one picture per post, and thousands of pics all tagged.

Let's pretend its all pics of cars; each post has one pic of a car, and a tag with the make/model of the car.
From a user point of view, I think a user that would search for "1990 Mustang pics" for example, would be best off to find my tag page (example.com/tag/fordmustang1990). This page has hundreds of 1990 Ford Mustang pics.

But Google is mainly ranking my posts, so a user would usually land on just a post with one Mustang pic; not to mention most of these Mustang posts have the same title creating a bunch of duplicate content (creating unique titles for the thousands of posts is not realistic).

Would it be a viable option to set all posts to noindex, and just index all the tags and pages only? I could say include a short intro text at the top of each tag page (heres a bunch of Mustang pics, bla bla).

My site has been around for a few years and some of the posts rank ok, so I'm a little chicken to experiment and have all these unindexed.

Anyone have any experience, knowledge they could share?

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