I am working for a small automobile dealership. I had a question regarding the usage of keywords in the title tag.

The problem I am facing is that:

The dealer name is XYZ Chevrolet. Here "XYZ" is the city name. If I target a keyword for e.g. XYZ Chevrolet Dealer or Chevrolet Dealer in XYZ. It clashes with the dealer name.

If I write a title like -

Chevrolet Dealer in XYZ | New & Used Vehicles | XYZ Chevrolet

will this be considered as spamming? I don't want my website to be penalized. We are a small dealership.

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    Keywords can be in any order, simply work on your off-page signals to establish the keyword intent for local search results. – Simon Hayter Aug 27 '15 at 12:27
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    Simon is right, whatever the order. Just use the clearer title for your users like: Chevrolet Dealer in XYZ | Name of the company. – Zistoloen Aug 27 '15 at 12:52

Yes, just put keyword one time on title tag. Title tag just 2-3 important keywords and don't repeat it.

closetnoc explain very clear and details in this post:

How many times can I repeat a keyword without looking spammy to Google?

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