I'm looking to buy a domain name where I can setup my businesscard/blog/professional matters to be announced. Unfortunately firstname+lastname.com is already taken and it's not for sale. I do have choice of following names, which domain would be most suitable for me ?

  1. firstname+lastname.org
  2. firstname+lastname.me

I'm tempting towards .org because it's more popular tld than .me also .me is officially contry specific of Montenegro, but .org is supposedly for non-profit organization right ?

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Whilst .me is officially a cTLD, it is very popular in other parts of the English speaking world for personal/portfolio type sites. As such it is also very well accepted and understood for this purpose. In fact, I'd wager most English speakers associate .me with the first-person singular pronoun, not a country - and this is how it is often marketed "over here". (Particularly when you have popular sites such as about.me.)

Since you are proposing your domain to be your real name, it is already very personal.

Conversely, a .org is certainly not personal. You are not an organisation of any kind, so that does seem to be misleading if this is something you want to promote. From the wikipedia article for .org

it is commonly used by schools, open-source projects, and communities as well as by for-profit entities.


Yes. .org generally is for non-profit organisations, so your giving the wrong impression with a URL like that.

Is you target audience in Montenegro? if so I would go with that.

  • Nope, my website is personal one. Commented Aug 27, 2015 at 5:32

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