2–3 months has passed since my domain and hosting expired on my old site. There were almost 10 posts on my previous (expired) blog.

May I reuse my old post/article on my new site? Is there any issue with Google or SEO in general if I reuse my old post.

  • Sorry but you have failed to mention what your concern is?, is it duplicate content? if so, as soon Google has dropped the content. – Simon Hayter Aug 22 '15 at 12:15
  • My concern is, If i use the content in my new site then there is any possibility to count the content as a duplicate. However, my previous site has no existence over the internet. – Firoz Hassan Aug 22 '15 at 12:36

You can use @closetnoc method if your old article is no longer indexed by google. But if its sitll exist on google search, make sure you redirect your old article from Gogle Webmaster Tools to your new site.


Once your old blog no longer shows up in the Google SERPs, then you can add your article to the new blog.

That is the technically correct answer.

Now for my answer.

If your blog is dead and will not show up again and you are sure of that, there is no problem adding your article now. One duplicate page will not harm you especially when the old one is gone. By the time Google figures it out, the problem will have corrected itself anyhow.

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