So I have a blog on Tumblr I use with my own domain name. I started it to try out how can I SEO it on my own money so I can learn new stuff. So far so good.

As I started to use HTML edit mode on Tumblr I noticed that it does not use UTF8 to my best understanding.

In Rich Text mode I write:


after editing and saving in HTML edit mode it becomes:


How does such encoding in the source affect SEO? Google and others will see them az é,á,ö,ű etc. or I wouldn't use Tumblr for Hungarian text?

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Tumblr does use UTF-8. Here is a Chinese blog on Tumblr. They need UTF-8 to display the Chinese characters. I've use page info to verify that the character set of the blog's home page is indeed UTF-8.


(I would have written this as a comment but I still don't have the ability to)

After trying it out on various edit modes, the output is always the same méltán in the source code though it renders as proper letters in the browser.

Search engines treat é, ė, ę as e, same for á, ą as a and etc. So probably they're smart enough to change these codes to the most basic Latin letters.

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