This is the current set up:

  • I have a landing page hosted on a subdomain dedicated to landing pages (ex. lp.mysite.com/product-01 and lp.mysite.com/product-02).

  • Each landing page has a Buy Now button, which links to mysite.com/cart/01?discount=freeshipping with 01 being the product number.

  • This link redirects the visitor to the checkout page at checkout.shopify.com/{string} and adds both the product and the discount code.

It wouldn't be enough to simply set the conversion goal to be the destination path of mysite.com/cart/01?discount=freeshipping since I want to track sales, which means I need to track the user when he is redirected to the checkout page and also after they've completed payment. For Shopify, funnel tracking is done by tracking the thank you page which is shown after payment. Link

My question is: How do I properly set up Google Analytics to track conversions that start on my landing pages on a subdomain to the checkout page?

  • The landing pages are not part of Shopify. I coded them from scratch.
    – Atlas2k
    Aug 14, 2015 at 22:26

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If you can add GA code to your landing pages as well, do so. In your GA property settings, set the subdomain tracking, and you should be able to track the entire transaction from the landing pages.

Alternatively, if you cannot add GA code to your landing pages, manually add UTM parameters to the landing page button and track that traffic on your GA. The disadvantage of this approach is that you cannot track the originating traffic source (since that will show up with your UTM parameters now!). However, this could be addressed if you are tracking clicks on your landing pages.

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