I am working on a WP site with a number of pages in the sitemap I've generated but I'm pretty sure that a lot of them are orphaned (bar the sitemap itself).

Is there a way I can tally up internal links and see if there are pages without any (I'd also be keen to know what those links are for pages with very few links).

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    Screaming Frog screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider can be used up to 500 pages without a licence and SEO Powersuite link-assistant.com will spider your entire site and return 2/3rds of the results without a licence. Both can help you audit your site. Screaming Frog is a $99 per year license and SEO Powersuite is a $200 one time license for individuals (New- previously you had to pay the $700 fee). For the long run SEO Powersuite is a better bargain for the long run and can audit your site well, however, Screaming Frog is purely for auditing the site and simpler over all. – closetnoc Aug 7 '15 at 15:04
  • You will very likely get an answer on wordpress.stackexchange.com. – fuxia Aug 12 '15 at 1:02

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