I have created one Linux centOS 6 instance in Amazon EC2 and installed cPanel on it and started running my websites there. The issue I face is when I try to FTP to the instance with following config

IP : Instance IP
Username : centos
Password : Blank
Mode : SFTP
SFTP Key : Private KEY (PEM) Provided by Amazon EC2 dashboard

I got to view only the /home/centos directory. But I want to view the main directory which is back to the /home directory. When I tried to click .. in FileZilla it says:

Permission Denied

So, i tried the following

vipw /etc/passwd

and changed

centos:x:1000:1000:Cloud User:/home/centos:/bin/bash


centos:x:1000:1000:Cloud User:/ :/bin/bash

and even to

centos:x:1000:1000:Cloud User: :/bin/bash

However, after this change FTP stopped logging in.

So I reverted back to:

centos:x:1000:1000:Cloud User:/home/centos:/bin/bash

Kindly guide me to achieve this.

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cPanel tends to mess around a lot with the default centos folder structure and permissions etc. It looks like you are connecting with SFTP "Mode : SFTP".

If you are looking to connect over FTP as your question suggests you could create a new FTP account via cPanel, setting its root folder to the location of the site you are creating it for, say .../htdocs/public_html/mysite/"

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