I am trying to setup a custom domain with Heroku.

Here is the setup I did for my wikinames.org domain in my GoDaddy account:

Once I go to http://www.wikinames.org, I observe the following:

  1. request remote address:, status Code: 301 Moved Permanently
  2. response header: Location: https://wikinames-org.herokuapp.com/index.php?title=Main_Page (I've installed MediaWiki, but $wgServer there is equal to http://www.wikinames.org).

Why does it redirect me to wikinames-org.herokuapp.com?

Upd. Looks like it happens because of ip used. But if I delete this record, then naked domain stops working, but www version still redirects to https://wikinames-org.herokuapp.com.

Upd2. Looks like enabling of masking could help me, but seems it will work only with www case.

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Looks like the problem was with the MediaWiki installed. $wgServer there was equal to wikinames-org.herokuapp.com initially. I thought that I've changed that, but looks like the change wasn't uploaded to Heroku.


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