Web hosting options for Ruby on Rails applications


We're looking for a good Ruby on Rails hosting. Basically we need the following features:

  • Unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Full SSH access
  • Support various versions of Rails (2.3.8 and 3.0 for ex.)
  • Passenger and capistrano deployment support
  • EXCELLENT client support: We're new at Ruby on Rails, so currently we have several problems when deploying rails app. Our current hosting (RailsPlayground) offers awesome support, but we are looking for a new one because of the disk space and bandwidth limits.
  • A nice panel (cPanel or similar).
  • Basically we need to focus on application development and not worry too much about deployment and related stuff.
  • Fair price

We need a truly Ruby on Rails hosting, with people that have expertise in deploying and hosting Rails apps., not just a normal hosting that someday decided to install ruby and rails just to support it, if you know what I mean.

We don't need high performance, we need to host several rails applications. If one application is getting lots of traffic and needs better performance, then we'll move it to a VPS or some high-scalable and performance hosting.

I'll create some answers with a few hostings that I've been recommended. Please feel free to vote and add comments about them or reply with another.


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