I previously hosted my website on a free hosting website (http://www.000webhost.com) but today moved it to GitHub for use with their user-page service. After moments, my page was loading from my GitHub repo and so I deleted my website account on the free hosting website. After doing that, whenever I typed in my website's url (www.haigmac.com), it would redirect to the free hosting 404 error page. Even if I direct the browser to my GitHub URL (mghaight.github.io), it goes to the 404 page.

I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my CNAME or A host DNS settings. I'm including an image of my settings here: enter image description here

Any help getting my domain pointing at my GitHub page is very appreciated.

I should note that I did clear my cache/history and have tried this on multiple browsers. Could this just be an issue of time?

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    It was just a time issue! All figured out...
    – haigmac
    Jul 8, 2015 at 19:45

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Most likely caused by your TTL values or DNS not propagating.

Time to live is what dictates how long it will be until your computer refreshes its DNS related information. For example, the IP address your domain name points to or where your MX records are directing email.

This time is defined in seconds and the default setting can be found in the zone file (available in the AccountCenter under Edit Zone File). The reason this is useful is that if you will be moving hosts, or if you have any sort of DNS information that you need to change, it will take affect in a shorter time interval.

Generally, DNS propagation takes 24 to 48 hours to complete whenever any changes are made to the Zone File. Lowering the TTL prior to making the change will reduce the time for propagation.

Source - https://mediatemple.net/community/products/dv/204644120/understanding-ttl-%28time-to-live%29

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