If a 5-star review is posted on both Google Local and Yelp (identical review text), does it affect the SEO in a negative way (duplicate content or anything else I may not be thinking of)? Or is it a positive, in the sense that there are now two positive reviews out there? To clarify, I am using Google and Yelp as examples, my question really applies to all review sites.


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The googlebot crawler is intelligent enough to identify situations where content may be duplicated for a reason, they already do this for product pages where the exact same text is present on a range of sites selling the same product. In addition the page taken as a whole will be different from the other customer ratings sites due to different customers adding ratings on different sites.

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    In the case of reviews, the full review often gets a page for itself. If that is the case, Google may choose to index the full review on its own page on one of the two sites. Jul 11, 2016 at 12:05

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