I already have two hosts pointing to my machine, and I am trying to add a third "webmail.user.domain.com, but I receive DNS failure lookup. I created a configuration file for "webmail" with the same settings as the other two hosts. My primary zone is this: $ORIGIN user.domain.com. @ IN SOA ns.user.domain.com. hostmaster.user.domain.com. ( 0 ; serial 1D ; refresh 1H ; retry 1W ; expire 3H ) ; minimum

@       IN      NS      ns.user.domain.com.
@       IN      MX      10 mail.user.domain.com.

ns      IN      A       n.n.n.n
mail    IN      A       n.n.n.n
m0      IN      A       n.n.n.n
m1      IN      A       n.n.n.n

www0    IN      CNAME   m0
www1    IN      CNAME   m0
webmail IN      CNAME   m0

I guess my question is why does webmail receive a DNS lookup failure even though its pointing to my machine? Do I need to create a zone in named.conf? Any help will greatly be appreciated, thanks.

  • Unless you are pointed to the DNS server where you are making changes, it can take a while before your changes can be seen depending upon circumstances. – closetnoc Jul 4 '15 at 19:56
  • If all the records are for the same root domain why don't you just use 1 zone file instead of multiples ? – Analog Jul 5 '15 at 13:13

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