I have bought a domain name on GoDaddy, hotelmontecristobg.com. I think I have configured it properly because when I browse to hotelmontecristobg.com

Error 404 - Web app not found appears which says

The web app you have attempted to reach is not available in this Microsoft Azure >App Service region. This could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. The web app owner has registered a custom domain to point to the Microsoft Azure App Service, but has not yet configured Azure to recognize it. Click here to read more.

  2. The web app owner has moved the web app to a different region, but the DNS cache is still directing to the old IP Address that was used in the previous region. Click here to read more.

But then when I browse my `Web > Setting > Custom Domains and SSL > Bring External Domains > under domain names I have hotelmontecristobg.azurewebsites.net, so under it I added hotelmontecristobg.com, but when i try to save it an error appear :

The DNS records for 'Hotelmontecristobg.com' that points to 'hotelmontecristobg.azurewebsites.net' could not be located

If you want to configure bla bla bla. What am I doing wrong?

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    How have you set up your domain name in the DNS?? In your case, I am sure you want to use a CNAME record pointing your domain name to your app space.
    – closetnoc
    Jun 29, 2015 at 4:02

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You need to create a CNAME record for both the base domain and www.domain.com within GoDaddy.

NAME: awverify
VALUE: awverify.hotelmontecristobg.azurewebsites.net

NAME: awverify.www
VALUE: awverify.hotelmontecristobg.azurewebsites.net

Once the record is created in GoDaddy, you can then bring the external domain into Azure.

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