I'm trying to setup Cloudflare so my www subdomain doesn't redirect to the http naked domain and do exactly the opposite: mydomain.com redirecting to www.mydomain.com

Cloudflare automatically configures the DNS records this way:

Type: A
Name: 'mydomain'
Value: 'public ip number'

Name: www
Value: alias of `mydomain`

Any idea how to do this?


CloudFlare is setting up the domain. Since it is used to work with the main domain. Techincally speaking the "www." prefix is always a subdomain/CNAME/alias of the main domain.

You're all fine with CloudFlare configuring the domain without www since you're able to control both the non-www and www part of it.

So for the DNS settings, everything looks fine. Now for the eventually used redirects from non-www to www, you can take a look into CloudFlare page rules.

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