I have ecommerce website (we sell welding equipment) with over 5k product pages (without reviews), 1k categories and many info-pages... but in main template integrated only Microdata for product pages with value - itemprop="name" .

I want use reach snippets for other pages, whats structured data best for my site - JSON-LD, Microdata or RDFa (or markup with schema.org)? What structured data is best for the category page?

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If you want to have Rich Snippets in Google Search, you have to use the vocabulary Schema.org with a syntax that Google supports.

Currently, Google supports JSON-LD, Microdata and RDFa.

On Google’s "About schema.org" page, they still say that for JSON-LD only the Event Rich Snippet is supported, but this is most likely not true (anymore), as the documentation for their other Rich Snippets list JSON-LD, too. Google even recommends JSON-LD for the features it supports, and Microdata/RDFa for the ones not supported by JSON-LD; but I wouldn’t care too much about this.

Use whichever syntax works best for you. The only feature which currently seems to be exclusive to JSON-LD is that Google supports it also if it’s dynamically injected.

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