I am trying to find out how can i compare the conversion rate against the number of sessions for example how many people came to the specific page and bought that product.

In Google Analytic if I goto Reporting->Conversions->E-commerce->Overview I can see the overall conversion rate. But I want to see

  1. How many people visited the site and how many out of them bought the product.
  2. I want to see the above point stats against specific product/page too

enter image description here


You need to go to Acquisition -> All traffic -> Channels. Then, above the Explorer graph, select "E-commerce" tab.

Google Analaytics, Ecommerce overview by channel

You can now go more in deep and see Revenue by pages. Use filters for selecting a specific page, or add Session as secondary dimension by the beginning and filter it out.

Or just use secondary dimensions by Page or Page Title in your Conversions-> Ecommerce reports.

Secondary Dimensions by Landing page in Ecommerce tracking

Also, Custom Reports.

E-commerce custom report Analytics

Yes, you can also use Goals. It's a good idea for tracking behavior more in general (so, see where people converts), but you need to use "average value" for a conversion. It's good for having focus on the "action" of conversion itself.

(last 2 screenshots are not mine, I'm not following E-commerce websites at the moment).

  • thanks for the detailed answer, I will have a look and get back – Baig Jun 12 '15 at 10:20

You need to set up a Goal. Track the specific page you want, and set destination for product success. You can see the conversion of how many products were sold / how many people visited the page.

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