The popular items menu on www.nfpn.org (displayed in right side bar) has sub-menu items defined. When someone navigates to a top-level page that's represented in that menu, I'd like for the child items to be displayed. I've played with various mod_mainmenu settings for that menu (in the modules section) without success.

How would I get the appropriate sub-menu to expand?

I'm using Joomla 1.5.21.

  • Have you found your answer Ben or do you need some more information? Commented Feb 14, 2011 at 19:36

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Go back to the module settings for the menu, is your End Level set to 0? If so that needs to be changed to 1. Parameters

If you have it set to 1 then under Menus > youmenuname do you have those links as child links (sub links) for the menu item?

  • My end level is set to "2" and child links are defined. Commented Feb 14, 2011 at 21:05
  • Are you seeing the child links in the code like are they hidden by CSS? Also in the module position do you have style="xhtml", like: <jdoc:include type="menu" style="xhtml" />
    – kel
    Commented Feb 22, 2011 at 20:14

The site had multiple menu items in different menus pointing to the same page. After removing all but one of these menu items, the sub-menu began expanding as it should have.

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