I am attempting to implement a goal for an ecommerce site in Google Analytics and I am experiencing troubles.

So the goal / final destination for a purchase looks something like:


So I know I need to implement something like this.


Though I am just not getting the syntax right. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • It should be okay with /checkout/order-received/(.*) If it's okay I write an answer. – lucgenti May 17 '15 at 10:01

You have to select the destination URL as Begins With: /checkout/order-received/

This means that when that URL is reached, regardless of what follows (like d=23w3e&b=12223) it is considered as a goal.

I am supposing you are using WooCommerce. In this case I suggest you to set in the View Settings > Exclude URL Query Parameters all the get variables that you want to ignore in your data.

Example: key, utm_nooverride, tx, st, amt, cc, cm, item_number, sig

In this way in your Goal Overview you are going to have a report like this:

  • /checkout/order-received/3288/
  • /checkout/order-received/3287/
  • /checkout/order-received/3286/
  • /checkout/order-received/3285/
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