I have a domain, handcrafted.codes, managed through GoDaddy. My host is through my local ISP, Suddenlink in this case. What I would like to accomplish is straightforward: Point handcrafted.codes to pages.suddenlink.net/physics, preserving the folder structure of the content. For example, a demo of the simple pendulum located at pages.suddenlink.net/physics/amp/amp.htm would be presented to the user as handcrafted.codes/amp/amp.htm. Clean and informative. (Apologies for not using the correct vocabulary.)


I'm out of my depth with this subject, so there will be holes in my research. The most relevant posts seem to be:

GoDaddy URL forwarding while keeping relative path
This is fairly close to illustrating what I would like to do.

Difference between forwarding and redirecting in GoDaddy?
Similar to the one above, but mentions wildcard paths.


I've tried the most obvious things first (I hope).

Forwarding without masking simply redirects handcrafted.codes to pages.suddenlink.net/physics. The user sees pages.suddenlink.net/physics in the address bar. Okay, that's a start.

Forwarding with masking does the same thing, but the user is presented with a static handcrafted.codes in the address bar and static content in the title of the browser as dictated by the masking settings of the GoDaddy manager.


Other reading I've done seems to suggest the use of cname. Wildcard paths seem to make more intuitive sense to me. Do these provide clues to this problem? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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