I've been busy setting up analytics and adwords campaigns for a webshop I'm managing. In Analytics I have enabled ecommerce and this seems to work fine, meaning the when I go to Conversions > Ecommerce in analytics, I can see transactions and their amounts fine.

In my analytics account, which I've linked to my adwords account, I can see my adwords campaigns, however, when I go to Aquisition > AdWords > Campaigns, and then select Ecommerce from the conversions drop down, I see no conversions at all for any of my AdWords campaigns. In fact I tried searching for one of my keyboards, Clicked on my add (which was a google shopping ad, so direct link to product page), and made a transaction on my webshop. This test transaction is visible in my general Ecommerce overview, however when I go to the campaign for which I clicked the ad, I still see '0' in the conversion column.

Clicks for the mentioned campaigns are counted just fine, I just don't seem to find out how to get analytics to link the conversions to ecommerce transactions.

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You have to implement the Ecommerce tracking in your checkout.php(the last step of you purchasing line, when the customer clicks on pay) file and Forward the variables like Price/buyer/Transaction ID to Google analytics.

You may take look in the Google references


Try to go to Conversions -> Attribution. Above the tab click on AdWords under the label Type. Then change the model to something else.

If AdWords is counted as an assist conversions and not a last click conversion, there's some problem about your website. It could be:

  • 302 redirects (fix them)
  • http or https redirects (fix them)
  • your payment gateway (add your payment gateway URL address to Referral Exclusion, get your people come back to your website after the payment, )

In these cases your traffic is converted to direct traffic. If you fix them, you should be able to track properly AdWords campaigns.

If AdWords isn't present, the problem is your Google Analytics implementation.

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