I am running through my analytics and noticed that my drop off in the behavior chart is always 100%. Which does not necessarily surprise me except neither bounce rate, or % Exits are 100%.

I understand bounce rate because if the session stays open, or they fill out the form then they are no longer a bounce. But shouldn't % Exit be 100% since they are leaving the page?

Drop Off Behavior Chart

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The three metrics are are all different.

Bounces: the number people that come to your website, view one page, and leave.

Exits: The number of people who exit from the site on that page. This metric counts sessions that start anywhere on the site.

Drop offs: A drop off occurs when someone exits the user flow that you are viewing. This does not necessarily mean that they are leaving the website.

For example if you set up a behavioral flow to track people who move from page A -> B -> C, and someone goes from page A -> F this will count as a drop off because it does not follow the flow that you have highlighted.

Thus, the behavioral flow in the photo is not implemented correctly. I would recommend reading up on flow reports here, and here.


This was driving me crazy tonight, I had the exact same problem.

You are looking in BEHAVIOR > Behavior Flow

But you need to be in AUDIENCE > Users Flow

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    Can you explain a bit more about why these reports are different and why the behavior flow report works the way it does? Commented Apr 3, 2015 at 9:22

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