Suppose, just as an example, I have a website with domain www.gifts-for-dogs.com.....but after a few years I start selling stuff for Cats and Fish. I may not keep enough of a range of products for these other type of pets yet, so can't justify changing the domain name and logo (to something like gifts-for-pets.com) just yet....but envisage that I eventually may have to in the not too distant future.

What would be a good strategy here and what are the steps I would have to consider before making these changes?


Your existing customers will know that you sell more than dog gifts but new customers will be confused or might scratch their heads.

I mean zappos started out selling shoes and now they sell more than shoes but their domain name is not as specific as yours.

The best thing I think you can do is while keeping the same site start another site with a new domain. And to market the new site include a banner in your dog site and let people know that you are partners/sister site. Just build up the new site on the shoulder of the dog site.

good luck.


Get a new website (gifts-for-pets.com say). Create some sub-domains (or simply pages if you want):

dogs.gifts-for-pets.com (or gifts-for-pets.com/dogs)

cats.gifts-for-pets.com (or gifts-for-pets.com/cats)


Redirect (301) www.gifts-for-dogs.com to dogs.gifts-for-pets.com so your SEO for existing site remains intact.

  • Just to confirm. With a Redirect (301), when a person types dogs.gifts-for-pets.com, their browser will actually show whatever is on the server mapped to 'gifts-for-dogs.com' but their domain will just show as dogs.gifts-for-pets.com? – nitbuntu Jan 18 '11 at 11:04

Sub domain also consider like a mini site. I suggest you to create categories for new new stuff. Name internal web page using your keywords and promote those urls. I am sure you won't be needed new domain or sub domains.

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