Using Firefox got this error: "The server rejected the handshake because the client downgraded to a lower TLS version than the server supports. (Error code: ssl_error_inappropriate_fallback_alert)"

First fix attempt was to invoke about:config and set security. tls.version.min to 1, but it was already set to 1.

Maybe I should uninstall/reinstall Firefox? Has anyone ever experienced this?

  • yes - same issue still trying to solve it. Started noticing sites clocking longer than normal before loading. I was able to access Bank of America (my issue site) from Windows7 safe mode without any issues. Returning to normal mode allowed access one time then nada. – user50820 Mar 23 '15 at 19:16

For me, the problem was solved when I disabled "SSL scanning" in BitDefender (BD Antivirus Plus 2015). It worked instantly.

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Cache may have been the issue. At the command line I typed ipcofig /release then a few seconds later ipconfig /renew . That may have been enough.

However, I also typed ipconfig /dnsflush . All good after that.

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  • That's assuming the user is on Windows. – Andrew Lott Apr 21 '15 at 14:29

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