I've a .net 4.5 website running on Azure Websites. I've a staging deployment set up. I warm up both sites and then i run the swap process (both from azure portal and from Azure powershell). No matter what I try the swapping process restarts my websites (both) and they take about 3 minutes to boot up.

I was under the impression the deployment swapping was supposed to keep the websites "warm" and have no down time? My websites are unusuable for about 3 minutes!

As far as I can tell both production and staging slots have the same application settings etc.

  • Are you using Application Settings marked as "slot"? If yes, they cause the web app to restart when swapping. Here you can find more details: ruslany.net/2015/09/… – Federico Orlandini Jul 29 '16 at 13:00

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