I am sort of new to Google Analytics.

I would like to get stats on how many people visit certain state listings for example my URLs are:




and so on...

How can I get how many hits per state based on each URL?


This is very simple, find this at Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

This gives the full overview for:

  • pageviews
  • unique pageviews
  • time on page
  • entrances
  • bounce rate
  • Exit %
  • Page Value (when used with Goal)

To get these exact pages, you will need to perform an advanced filter with this filter: Include Page Begins With /listing/

This is one of my favourite pages because it works so well with Segments and analysing user behaviour i.e. Australian users read blog posts longer than non-English users.

My favourite 'Segment' recipe in getting quick insights on user behaviour on website pages is Segmenting users by a content type or url pattern.

For example, for pages that starts with example.com/listing/, you can see the behaviour patterns of users who have visited these listing and how they use your website versus other users.


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