I have a mobile site today with rel=canoncial to my desktop site.

I was wondering if anyone knows / have a good theory how search engines handles the following scenario.

mobile.example.com?sort=asc -> examples.com?sort=asc -> example.com

In other words i have a canonical to my desktop site to my mobile. On the desktop site there is a canonical that "removes" the sort parameter. Will Google and other search engines understand that all three pages are "duplicated" and that i do not want it to index the sort parameter?

I could also do it like this.

mobile.example.com?sort=asc -> mobile.examples.com -> example.com

These is would probably guarantee to work as i want. But it would be kind of convenient to not have to mess with "canonical exceptions" on the mobile site and just always canonical to the corresponding page on the desktop version and then let it handles canonicals.

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