I have this strange issue but not sure how to solve. I will try my best to explain it in detail.

I made a new landing page at http://example.com to capture early interest from online users. I then setup a GA attached to this domain name to track traffic. After a few days, I decided to redirect users to that domain name to http://example.com.au (using PHP 301 header redirect).

Now that I made a few attempts to draw traffic to the new domain name (.com.au), I see very little traffic coming in though I know that the ads does attract a few thousand viewers. When I look into GA User Behavior tabs, there was quite a few people landing onto a strange directory that I have no idea where it is.

enter image description here

The strange directory is /landing-ohmyaww/ (ohmyaww is the site name) and that directory does not exist on the server. Also note that:

  • index.php is on http://example.com.au
  • home.php is on http://example.com

Does anybody know what is potentially a problem here?

  • This problem is on your server settings. It depends on server type - NGINX, Apache, etc.
    – James
    Mar 6, 2015 at 16:46

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You can exclude know bots from showing in your GA by checking the bot filtering box at the basic settings tab.

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