I've noticed that domain names containing www (e.g., http://www.wwwexample.com) sometimes are ranked lower in search results.

I have also noticed that Google assumes it to be www.example.com. For example, my domain name has the format of www.wwwexample.com, and when I search on it, the first results are not my domain, but the one with www omitted (i.e., www.example.com). Both of these domains however refer to totally different content.

Is there any strategy or approach to making it clear to Google that it's actually www.wwwexample.com and not www.example.com?

  • It sounds it is auto-correcting the wwwsomename since it assumes you forgot a period. This is to be expected since www.wwwsomename looks spammy and/or wrong. Also check your routing and verifies to make sure both variants are set correctly....but im guessing its auto-correcting somewhere.
    – dhaupin
    Feb 27 '15 at 15:31

Using www in a domain name like www.wwwexample.com is likely confusing to users and Google as well, since www is usually a subdomain.

If you're not open to reconsidering the domain name, then the following strategy should be helpful:

  1. You should probably 301 redirect www.wwwexample.com to the root domain wwwexample.com to make the URL and links a bit clearer to users.
  2. Setup a Google Webmasters Tools account wwwexample.com and verify it.
  3. Tell Google that the preferred domain is wwwexample.com
  4. Submit a sitemap containing links to just wwwexample.com
  5. Make sure your titles and content state wwwexample.com (without any space after the www)
  6. Try to obtain as many (quality) backlinks from other sites to help Google build trust and recognition for wwwexample.com
  • will try one by one and will see what are changes. Thanks for ideas. Other ideas are welcome as well.
    – Saulius S
    Mar 1 '15 at 16:08
  • No problem. Ultimately, you can't really control what Google does, but the above might help. Good luck.
    – dan
    Mar 2 '15 at 0:58

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