I have a media site that has thin content, I'd like to copy the pages to various domains I own. On the sites that will be receiving the duplicate content the CSS will be changed in various ways from different menus to different footers.

Because of the CSS changes, how will these changes affect the SEO?


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Duplicate content is duplicate no matter how much you try and sugar coat it.

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    I would also add that thin content is thin content no matter how much you sugar coat it. Although, it would taste better! Content is 85-90% (pulled that stat out of a dark smelly place- New Jersey!) of all your SEO work. Content must be the best it can be or it will fail regardless of what you do.
    – closetnoc
    Feb 15, 2015 at 20:45

You will be attracting penalty on your websites. Changing CSS wont save you. If the content is thin then best deal is to get a writer and rewrite it before posting on the 4 sites. Write the four different versions

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