On a MediaWiki site running BlueSpice, how can I require that all new account sign ups be approved before the account is created?

I tried adding the ConfirmAccount extension described here, but now on account creation I just get a database error:

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

Perhaps this extension is not compatible with BlueSpice?

The database error was due to not running the update.php script that is part of the ConfirmAccount extension. Once that is run, the error goes away.

However, while the Special:RequestAccount page now works, a user can just go to Special:RequestAccount and create an account without any issues. Perhaps Bluespice is in conflict with ConfirmAccount and is allowing the account to be created?

How do I disable the account creation as the Login page so users must request an account be created for them?

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There was in interaction between Bluespice and ConfirmAccount, to get it working properly, I had to go into the Bluespice Permission Manager to edit the permissions of the group * to drop the CreateAccount permission in the Wiki column that was enabled by default.

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