I've created a BlueSpice MediaWiki site that I only want visible to users that are logged in. This works fine by creating Read permission only for Users as described here.

All this works fine until I try and add two-factor authentication, which when logging in, goes to a second page to get the token at http://wiki.domain.com/index.php/Special:TwoFactorAuth/auth but this page fails to load due to no read permission:

Please log in to view other pages.

So how can I make this one page special and readable by all?

A similar issue exists for the special page http://wiki.domain.com/index.php/Special:RequestAccount that gets added with the ConfirmAccount extension, so more generally, a set of special pages needs to be readable when not logged in, and the remaining that show information such as page names and user names should not be readable.

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Use wgWhitelistRead in your LocalSettings.php configuration file.

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