The BlueSpice MediaWiki adds a profile picture that a user can set for themselves or take an automatically generated one. These images are visible on pages to see who has edited or viewed a page recently. I'd like to include the pictures in other places, such as a list of people and phone numbers to include their pictures too.

Looking at the generated html, I see how the image comes in to those places:

<img alt="WilliamKF"

The image path is relative to the root of public_html on the server. How can I add MediaWiki syntax markup to include an image in a wiki web page? I tried enabling $wgAllowExternalImages = true; in the PHP and used a raw path in the wiki:


But that gives me a full sized image instead of a thumb that is 40x40, so how can I add more wiki markup syntax to limit the size? I tried wrapping <div style="height: 32px; width: 32px;"> but that only caused the text to overlap the image.

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The thumbnail is not produced by the BlueSpice extension but by thumb.php.

Your example has f=/bluespice/Avatars/thumb/BS_avatar_3.png/40px-BS_avatar_3.png, just replace 40px- with 32px-.

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