I am creating a private wiki that should only be visible to users that sign in. We are using MediaWiki with the BlueSpice extension. Thus far, I found that by default "read" access is provided to everyone, logged in or not. Therefore, I explicitly added read access in the WikiAdmin - Permission manager to group User checking for line Read the Namespace column. Having done this, the pages now say:

Login required
Please log in to view other pages.

So this is good, however, there are still details visible. For example, the special page http://wiki.domain.com/index.php/Special:RecentChanges shows the names of pages and the log entry for each edit. Additionally, the names of users are revealed and their edit history.

How can I make the site hidden so that only authorized logged in Users can get information from it?

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The solution is to go to group * in the WikiAdmin - Permission manager and uncheck the Read under the Wiki column adjacent to the Namespace column mentioned in the question.

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