I have a website that largely features dynamic content. Every piece of dynamic content has it's own URL, such as "www.example.com/page/\*/\*"

The problem I have is that many of these pages require a user to be logged in. I have read about AdSense crawler login, and tried to implement it. However, I can find no mention of wildcards or regular expressions for the URL. As far as I can tell, AdSense crawler login only supports static URLs.

Is there any way to setup an AdSense crawler login that supports a range of dynamic URLs?

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From the AdSense help page it says that they support entire directories that need login:

You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Restricted directory or URL: The URL that is blocked from our crawler's access.
  • ...

So you could tell them that /page/ requires login. If there are other pages in that directory that don't require login, AdSense crawler would also fetched them logged in.

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