I'm in process of creating new site which must be on domain xyz-backgrounds.com (assume that xyzwallpapers.com, xyz-wallappers.com and xyzbackgrounds.com are already used).

Search term which is widely used is xyz wallpaper.

Right now I need to create Facebook fan page where term xyzwallpaper is unused (mean I can register it).

Question is should I register it, since my domain is xyz-backgrounds.com or simply go for the xyzbackgrounds (brand awareness things etc).

  • I would try to build a brand around your name XYZ Backgrounds Commented Jan 26, 2015 at 21:55

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This is more of a marketing question, really.

But, this is my procedure if the domain I have is already locked (in your case: xyz-backgrounds.com) and the exact domain names are already in use as either usernames or vanity URLs on social media sites:

  1. Check if abbreviations of your domain name might work. (i.e. xyzbckgrnds)
  2. Check if uppercase/lowercase variations work. (i.e. XYZ-Backgrounds)
  3. Check if full URLs work. (i.e. xyz-backgrounds.com, www.xyz-backgrounds.com)
  4. Check if marketing claim works. (i.e. best-backgrounds-ever)
  5. Check if I really really need this domain or if I can register and brand another domain. (i.e. abc-backgrounds.com)*
  6. If none of these work: be creative (i.e. sdnuorgkcab-zyx) or be uncreative (xyz-backgroundsdotcom)

*this time doing my domain research first.

  • Probably I wasn't clear enough. Both xyzwallpapers and xyzbackgrounds are available as usernames or vanity URLs. I just don't know which one to choose? xyzwallpapers have more searches than xyzbackgrounds, but my main domain is xyz-backgrounds.com and I'm affraid that some users will get confused if I choose xyzwallpaper (even if this is better option IMO).
    – RhymeGuy
    Commented Jan 27, 2015 at 10:50

yes, you can register xyzwallpapers on Facebook fan page, for e.g. you have a website name (hdwallpapers.com or hd-wallpapers.com) and you have no choice on fb fan page to create hd-wallpapers, then in this situation you should register hdwallpapers, because search engines only focus on targeted keyword like your targeted keyword is (hd wallpaper) so you should register your targets words without abbreviations.

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