I'd like to sell instructional videos over the web. Primarily, I'd like uses to subscribe to the site and be allowed access to videos over the internet. Secondarily, I might sell DVDs for those who have poor internet connections or would like a physical copy, or possibly I'd sell eBooks and the like in the future.

Regarding the subscriptions:

  • I'd like a system that automatically sends out e-mails when it is time to renew
  • I'd like to be able to offer free trials
  • Users without a free trial or subscription should not be able to access the content

    • Incidentally, I plan to host videos on my current web host and move them to a CDN when volume (and capital) make this a good idea. While I have no intention to go crazy with the DRM, it seems expedient not to directly link to the files -- how can I link to them indirectly?
  • It would be nice to support multiple payment processors -- specifically, I'd like to avoid a PayPal only approach.

Are there any web applications (or plugins) you'd recommend for something like this? While I've set up and administered several web technologies, I've never done anything with e-commerce. I see there are possibilities like osCommerce, one friend recommends using WordPress with plugins, and it really appears that for any given CMS, you can graft on components like this, although I imagine that not all are created equal.

As I'm not tied to a particular web application (and, while open source software that can run on a LAMP [p=perl, python, php] stack is preferable), I'd like to make a good choice at the beginning.

  • Did the plugin work for you? Feb 14, 2011 at 19:29
  • @Christopher - I'm afraid that project has been put on hold and I've been too busy to try it. It sure sounds promising. Feb 16, 2011 at 16:03

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If you can run wordpress, I would recommend you get wp eStore plugin. It does pretty much all the things you want. Check out the demo tutorials.

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