I've set up events and goals, and am able to see conversions in all my reports. However, one problem I'm having is that I can't seem to bundle multiple goals together in the Goal Flow report. I have a website for an app with events - and corresponding goals - that trigger when a user forwards to each app store, but I would like to get a goal flow report that shows the flow to a total of both those events/goals. Is this an option?

I've been trying to find more information on "Goal Sets", but seems like the feature is set to be retired, and the pages I've found on it have very little info. I also don't want to set up a goal that is triggered by multiple events, since that usually ends up in double counting of conversions.

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If your question is, can I group multiple goals together to make a goal flow the answer is that you wouldn't use multiple goals to create a goal flow but funnels from goals. Also know that you can only create funnels on URI based goals. Here's a link

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