I registered a domain name with GoDaddy and I changed the DNS to point to my site on wix.com (my host).

I don't have email with GoDaddy or Wix, but I have a hosting account with RS Hosting (cPanel). How can I setup an email account with RS Hosting when the domain is registered with GoDaddy while keeping the web hosting at Wix?

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To have your email hosted with a different company, you simply need to set your MX records in your DNS. Here is an in depth article with lots of information about how to do that.

The basics are:

  1. Your mail host gives you the names of your mail servers
  2. You create MX records with in DNS with those host names (and a priority)

The MX records can point somewhere completely different from the main A or CNAME records that are used for your web server.

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