We upgraded to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce a few months ago, but there doesn't seem to be a way to compare Product Category Performance to previous years (when we didn't have Enhanced Ecommerce).

While you can compare revenue, there's no category data. The new dimension is called Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce) vs Product Category before so I can see why you probably can't compare, but it seems like a huge omission and this is how we run our business.

Is there an easy workaround to get this data without pulling all data manually and comparing offline?

Is this a feature that's being worked on?

I also posted in the product forum but got response: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/analytics/Pu6L7WAko9g.

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There would not be any enhanced e-commerce data recorded for previous years.

As indicated in the video here and text version here from Google's Analytics Academy:

It’s important to note that once the data has been processed and inserted into the database, it can’t be changed

You can go to your Product Performance Report and add a secondary dimension. You should then be able to have the first dimension Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce) and the second Product Category, but I doubt this will give you the desired result.

For more on this, see the video or text version from Google's Analytics Academy here.

  • I understand that there's no old enhanced e-commerce data and that data can't be changed. My main issue is that there seems to be no clean solution to compare pre-enhanced e-commerce (existing) data with the equivalent enhanced-ecommerce data. From a backend perspective, I can understand why this isn't possible out of the box, but since everybody is upgrading through this path, leaving old data in the dust seems like a big omission. As for adding a secondary dimension, Product Category is not available once upgrading to enhanced-ecommerce.
    – jon_wu
    Jan 22, 2015 at 1:39

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