Should i create mobile/responsive version of my site if i have android and ios apps for my site ?

i am creating a new site which will have android app, ios app and nokia app, so is it required to create a mobile version of site or create site responsive ?

majority users will be desktop users.


I think that is not require. Then depends on your thinking.

simply you can put your all app. links with your desktop site so when user visit desktop site they can be aware that you have build app. also. Now a days app. has more demand and user prefer app mostly.

I am QA and as per my user experience App. is popular and becoming popular more and more. Main thing is you give all facility to user in your app. so for any thing they do not need to go at your website. Thing is people do not have PC at all time but they have mobile or other devices all time so App. is really fine.

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